PORTO is the second largest city in Portugal, located by the Douro River. It is known as “Cidade Invicta” - the city was never conquered. Its historical center, never touched by invaders, is registered as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The historical value of the Old Cathedral, the Church of St. Francis and the Torre dos Clérigos combine with the contemporary buildings as the Serralves Museum and the House of Music (Casa da Música), revealing the unique climate of the city.

The riverbanks – Ribeira and Gaia, connected by the Luis I bridge, present the most known picture of Porto. Those are the best places to taste the city. Visit famous wine cellars in Gaia and enjoy a glass of Port wine at the end of your wine tour. Or sit in one of restaurants in Ribeira and try one of Porto´s specials: the “tripas a moda do Porto” – connected with the history of the city, or “francesinha” hot sandwich with special sauce.
The city never sleeps. Porto´s downtown is the core of the nightlife, especially in the weekends it gets really full, all year long. Almost every bar and music club is crowded. Ribeira and Foz are also important places on the night map of Porto, where the historical architecture blends with music and art.

Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte

10 reasons to visit Porto

1. Historic center
Porto's historic center is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Include on your MUST SEE list the Torre dos Clérigos, the Palácio da Bolsa, the Sé do Porto, among many others.

2. São Bento Station
The station, with its atrium lined with typical white and blue “azulejos” tiles, is considered one of the most beautiful architectural landmarks of the world.
3. Luís I bridge
It was built in 1886 to connect both cities Porto and Gaia and was constructed by Gustave Eiffel. The same Eiffel who three years later, using the same technique, constructed the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
4. The Douro River
A cruise up the river is not to be missed, and you'll see Porto in a new way and enjoy the natural beauty all around the Douro Valley.
5. Port wine and wine cellars
For wine lovers, there is the Port Wine Museum in the Alfândega and the Port wine cellars at the Cais de Gaia to visit. There you can get a tour through the cellars where in the end you get to taste some of the wine.
6. Francesinha
If you enjoy discovering new cuisines you might try Porto's specialty, the Francesinha sandwich with cured ham, sausage, and steak covered in molten cheese and a hot tomato and beer sauce.
7. Festivals
There are many popular festivals happening all year round, mainly during the summer, and several musical events. The most known is the São João Festival on the night of the 23rd of June, when you can fly some small hot-air balloons throughout the city's sky, eat the typical sardines and enjoy the great midnight fireworks at the river.
8. The museums and galleries
From a tram museum, through press museu to world-class contemporary art, Porto has many museums and galleries.
9. Lello Bookstore
It is considered to be one of the prettiest, quaintest book shops you will EVER see. It was also J.K. Rowling inspiration for her Harry Potter books.
10. FC Porto
This stadium is an icon of the city, not only because it's the home of the local team, but also because it is a beautiful architecture work done by the architect Manuel Salgado. You can find there a museum that shows the complete history of the club so far.