MADEIRA, the “floating garden” or the “pearl of the Atlantic”, is a unique sub-tropical paradise in the Atlantic Ocean with dramatic and breathtaking scenery (57km long/22 km wide). Its mild climate, average temperatures of 25ºC in the summer and 17ºC in the winter, make it the ideal island for a relaxing or active break at any time of the year.

Madeira’s lush vegetation hides the fascinating indigenous Laurel Forest, a UNESCO’s Natural Heritage Site since 1999.

Diving, surfing, canyoning, walking in the mountains or by sea, are just some of the possible activities to enjoy on this island. Swimming in the ocean or in natural rock pools, strolling through colourful gardens, tasting the well know Madeira fortified Wine and trying the traditional gastronomy will fulfill your senses and create a happy state of mind.

Funchal, the capital city and its bay, where architecture and nature are charmingly combined, invites you for a delightful stroll, discovering the narrow traffic-free streets paved with black and white mosaics and lined by jacaranda trees. In the old town, the Farmer’s Market offers you a display of the great variety of local flowers, fruit and vegetables, the result of Madeira’s rich volcanic soil.


Associação de Promoção de Madeira 

10 reasons to visit Madeira

1. Levadas – the walk of sensations
These small irrigation canals direct the water from the northern springs to the southern side of the island. you’ll come across the most breathtaking scenery at the heart of the island.

2. Never ending spring
Madeira is in a subtropical region thus the climate is perfect all round the year for vacationing. The temperature maintains at about a mild 20C all over the year.
3. Beach of Porto Santo
Considered one of the 7 wonder beaches of Portugal, the 9 kilometre beach, with an extensive and continuous shoreline of fine golden sands, has given the island the popular name of “Golden Island”, becoming its trademark and main icon, together with its uniquely crystal-clear, turquoise-blue warm waters.
4. Fireworks
Madeira held the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Fireworks Display in the World” between 2006 and 2010. Fireworks are used in popular festivities or celebrations, creating the illusion of being surrounded by noisy and colourful rockets that light up the night, turning it into a show packed with light and colour.
5. Unique history
The island was discovered in 1419. Over the centuries it was an important point on Portuguese maritime expeditions´ route. Since XVII century the culture of wine production started developing on Madeira. It became a truly historical heritage, which can be enjoyed served as aperitifs or along with your main course.
6. Festivities all year long
All year round Madeira offers all kind of festivities where people fill up the streets and the city becomes colorful. The main events are Carnival, the Flower festival, Atlantic festival, Christmas and New Years festivities.
7. Basket cars
One of Madeira Island most famous attraction is “Tobagon ride”. It is an exciting ride at speed down a public road in a wicker basket car on wooden sleeds. It’s an unmissable experience with pure emotions.
8. Flavours
Many restaurants specialize in fish and seafood – try fresh tuna steak or octopus in olive oil and garlic. You cannot leave Madeira without trying a typical “bolo da caco”, a type of bread, served with garlic butter and parsley. Not to mention “espetadas” – meat or fish skewers.
9. Fruits variety
Visit Funchal market for a palette of flavors and colors of local fruits - maracuja, green banana, papaya, mango or “monstera deliciosa” - reminiscent of a popular banana with maracuja or pineapple.
10. Poncha
Traditional alcoholic drink Poncha, distilled alcohol made from sugar cane juice, honey, sugar, lemon rind and with different fruit juices according to the version of Poncha, but traditionally lemon juice is used.